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    Análisis de Datos Aplicado a la Investigación Científica
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    Una forma muy sencilla de predecir es con la prevalencia
    El modelo de regresión lineal simple es una técnica predictiva
    david 23 enero, 2015 at 8:01 pm

    Enhorabuena por el video y la información. Es de gran utilidad.

    Guillermo 20 junio, 2015 at 7:44 pm

    Muchas gracias, una ejemplificación super sencilla y clara como estaba buscando

    victor alvarez 30 agosto, 2015 at 10:08 am

    Muy bueno el tutorial. Sencillo y claro. Puede bajarse el video?

    Barto Marin 7 enero, 2016 at 5:44 am

    llevo diez dias visualizando videos sobre el tema y hasta que no he visto este no he conseguido pillar el concepto, muchas gracias.

    Elements Gold for Ladies 9ct White Gold Diamond and Aquamarine Twist Ring WM8Yn
    Andrea 28 marzo, 2016 at 9:43 am

    Profe gracias!!!…Mas claro imposible!!!

    Francisco 11 abril, 2017 at 7:04 pm

    Excelente exposiciòn Gracias

    Garrett Hardin may be unknown by the general public, but he is highly regarded by great thinkers. Indeed, it was no other than Charlie Munger who funded Hardin’s research. While he’s most famously known as the person who introduced the idea of the Tragedy of the Commons , Hardin remains forever influential for his warning that eventually, humans must embrace a world of limits.

    “If we are to correct the consequences of the world’s actions, we must understand the machinery that accounts for these consequences.”

    Garrett James Hardin was one of the first thinkers we would call an “ecologist” – arguably, he helped created the movement. His 1968 paper on The Tragedy of the Commons explained that if a shared resource — for example, a forest or a lake — was not centrally managed, its users would tend to destroy it over time as they acted rationally in their own interests.

    Garrett James Hardin

    That idea led Hardin to his lifelong unpopular argument against continued human population growth. And as a result, Hardin was a supporter not only of all birth control methods, but also of sterilization. He also stood firmly against most forms of immigration, comparing immigration into a society with limited resources to an overcrowded lifeboat taking on new members. His position caused him to be ostracized by many mainstream political and academic thinkers.

    Hardin did not land on his position lightly. He began his career as a biologist, studying symbiosis at Stanford around the time of World War II. Eventually, Hardin migrated his studying to UC Santa Barbara and focused on the field that came to be called Human Ecology, or what we would now simply call ecology: the study of the human relationship with nature. He viewed the human species as just another biological entity, yet one with some special features that allowed it to grow nearly unchecked.

    Hardin’s positions, controversial as they may be, came as a result of his logical and multidisciplinary approach to his field of study. He criticized mainstream economics for treating the environment as an afterthought; people tended to behave as if the world had unlimited space and resources, and as if we could throw things away. Hardin pointed out (rightly) that there was “no away to throw to,” and he encouraged the economics and political establishments to think more deeply about the assumptions they were making.

    More and more fields are using 3D printing technology for parts production, which makes the availability of advanced materials increasingly important. Material scientists from both Polymaker and Covestro suggest that U1000 and U0174D, both of which have several unique features, can be used to provide solutions for a wide range of new applications, which means new customers, as well as contributing “to the further penetration of AM into a variety of industrial markets.”

    Dr. Xiaofan Luo, President of Polymaker, said, “We are very excited about these two materials.They will certainly enable lots of new applications and open opportunities in a variety of industries.”

    U1000 and U0174D are boththermoplastic polyurethanes, or TPUs – a particular specialty of Covestro, which is actually an independent subgroup within the Bayer company and used to be known as Bayer MaterialScience. TPU allows for permanent bonding between layers that are being 3D printed, and due to its elastic nature, offers great flexibility and abrasion resistance.

    Wang said, “Polyurethane is an incredibly versatile chemistry that can be used to create almost endless possibilities in materials.”

    While most conventional TPUs are rubbery and soft, the newU1000 and U0174D materials are tough and strong, just like engineering plastics. Both of these versatile materials have good heat resistance, layer adhesion, and mechanical strength, and can be used to print durable parts for manufacturing environments, like jigs and fixtures, molds, structural components, and tools.

    U1000 and U0174D differ from other high-performance plastics in that they don’t require demanding printing conditions, such as high chamber and nozzle temperatures: they can both be printed, on almost any thermoplastic extrusion-based 3D printer, under much more mild conditions. However, there are a few major differences between these new materials. Ductile U0174D feels more likea semi-crystalline plastic, likepolypropylene, and has excellent fracture toughness, while still U1000 has a high modulus, such as glassy polymers likepolystyrene and polycarbonate.

    What do you think of these new materials? Discuss this and other 3D printing topics at Bungsa© tree of life round pendant with necklace made of 925nbsp;sterling silver 45nbsp;cm real jewellery women’s necklace men real jewellery 45 cm men Bungsa© tree of life round pendant with necklace made of 925 sterling silver R8oAUMc
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